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Topiary and Olive collection
To make life a little easier for you, we also offer our service of delivering your wonderful new planters to you fully planted and ready for you to enjoy!

From our extensive nursery you can choose from Beautiful OLIVE TREES, the 'sign of peace'! from the tiny to the magnificent! (see our gallery for ideas), BOX (Buxus Sempervirens), again in all sizes and shapes, YEW, (Taxas Baccata) and BAY LAUREL, (Lauras Noblis) , in small standard trees or very large.

We can help you choose and decide on what may look best in your planters and along with your colours choice the result will be simply wonderful for your beautiful garden!

Please email or call with regards to prices and sizes as there are so may different types we can offer you.
Prices from £10
Made in the United Kingdom
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